06 Sep 2011 The Means: Shock Troop Legion Pyrate: Flour Baking Powder Bicarbonate of Soda Salt Shock Troop Legion Astound: Butter Sugar Vanilla Essence Shock Troop Legion Screwdriver: Bananas Eggs Shock Troop Legion Optional Sandwich Toaster: Sultanas Dark Rum or Bourbon The Stuff: Teaspoons A large bowl A smaller bowl An Optional Even Smaller Bowl A whisk or whizzer thingy Bread Loaf Tins An oven, Preheated to Gas Mark 3 Spoons, both literal and metaphorical. Fewer metaphorical ones than literal ones. A recyclable carrier bag. The Madness Our unit for creation is the Demifish. One Demifish makes two loaves of banana bread. All other units are in Metric, for you can prize the metric system from my cold, dead, 1980s-primary-school-educated fingers. Or translate them using Google. Shock Troop Optional Sandwich Toaster ... {Tags: , , , } {More...}