13 Sep 2011 A recipish You will require: Bowls. Time. Effort. An Oven. A nine inch cake tin. Preferably one with a loose bottom. Greaseproof paper. Not tinfoil. All your base: Bikkits. Cinnamon Nutmeg Butter Brown sugar. The creamy goodness: Cream Cheese Sour Cream Double (Heavy) Cream Sugar Flour Vanilla Extract Eggs Madness Take your cake tin and line it with something. The recipe recommends butter, but this doesn’t work terribly well. Last couple of times I’ve tried Tinfoil. If you really, really want to use tinfoil, then do, but the shear effort it takes to line the cake tin in tinfoil would be better spent walking to the local supermarket and saying “What ho, fine supermarket, sell me one roll of your fine grease-proof paper, ... {Tags: , , , } {More...}