01 Nov 2011 Serves two full bowl-fulls Means Some butter An Onion (Chopped) 2 cloves of garlic (Keeps the vampires away. Even the ones with a y) 1.5 pints of Chicken Stock (Either from a chicken or from a cube) Pumpkin. About a pound (A clue: One 6 pound medium-large pumpkin and one small pumpkin yield about 5 pounds of pumpkin flesh when carved out) Spices, Herbs (I used a tiny amount of nutmeg and some thyme) Method from Kitchen import Saucepan, Liquidizer pot = new Saucepan($base = “heavy”) pot.Content.append(“butter”) pot.heat(high) pot.Content.append(onion) pot.Content.append(garlic) while (onion.state != “clear”){pot.Fry(1m)} pot.Content.append(stock) pot.Content.append(pumpkin) pot.Content.append(herbs, spices) pot.Simmer(20m) liquidiser = new Liquidizer liquidiser.Content = pot.Content liquidiser.Whizz(1m) soup = liquidizer.Content (Any similarity to any languages, living or dead, is entirely co-incidental) {Tags: , , } {More...}