Heat oil, some chop chicken, some garlic, some onion, fry.
Add some random spices to make spicy-fried-chicken base. Realise that the sour cream is more important than you thought. Give up on fajitas.
Turn down heat on flash-fry, find a saucepan and throw together a roux and then a white sauce. Put some water on for rice.
(A few  months ago I decided that missing from my basic stock of “things I can cook with my eyes closed” was a white sauce. I know the theory, but I spent a few nights playing until I could produce a servicable white sauce by guesswork and feedback loop. This has served me well)
Add tomato puree, splash of ketchup and a bit of nutmeg for a basic tomato sauce (variant 3 “What do you mean we have no chopped tomato left?”). Combine red sauce with chicken for seven minutes while the rice.
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