Traditionally, the model of cookery was to make food, then make more food from the leftovers. I don’t do that so much, but one remainder of it I do attempt to try is making Chicken Stock from the remains of a stripped roast chicken. It’s pretty easy, and tastes a lot better than stock reconstituted from a knorr tub or an oxo cube.

My standard stock recipe is:

  • a Sprig of basil
  • a Onion
  • a Carrot
  • a Chicken
  • a Celery

of which the only actually important bit of it is the Celery and the Chicken. This is something of an annoyance, as celery’s generally the thing on that list that we don’t have as a general thing. The celery helps it become a slightly-jelly-like stock rather than a gravy.

Get a pot big enough to hold all of that (You may have to fold, spindle and/or mutilate the chicken to do this) and make it hold all of that, then add cold water until it’s all covered. Put that on a high heat until it’s boiling away merrily, then turn it down some until it’s bubbling a bit (this is a simmer) and leave it for two to three hours, checking occasionally to make sure it’s not boiled down too much.

When the time’s up or you’re bored and want to go drinking, filter the lot though a sieve, ditch the bones and veg, and keep the juice (obviously). When the juice has cooled, you can use it in a few days, or freeze it until you need it.

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