Chicken Stock

30 Aug 2011 Traditionally, the model of cookery was to make food, then make more food from the leftovers. I don't do that so much, but one remainder of it I do attempt to try is making Chicken Stock from the remains of a stripped roast chicken. It's pretty easy, and tastes a lot better than stock reconstituted from a knorr tub or an oxo cube. My standard stock recipe is: a Sprig of basil a Onion a Carrot a Chicken a Celery of which the only actually important bit of it is the Celery and the Chicken. This is something of an annoyance, as celery's generally the thing on ... {Tags: , } {More...}

Roast Chicken I

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23 Aug 2011 This is the first Roast Chicken recipe. I tend to evolve these over time, so it'll probably not be the last. You'll need: A Chicken - Handy when you're cooking roast chicken. Butter Salt - Crystals for preference, ordinary salt otherwise. A lemon Thyme About an hour and a half. Heat the oven to 200oc So, there are three things that make Chicken taste of non-generic things. The first is traditionally steam (makes it juicy, but basically boils the taste out like overdone vegatables), then there's the dry (tastes more, but arrid and less enjoyable to eat) and there's the stuffing, which affects the taste and balances the ... {Tags: , , , } {More...}